7 Free Guitar Licks for Rock Guitar...Tasty!

Frustrated trying to figure out guitar solos from tabs? These free guitar licks and electric guitar lesson videos will quickly jump start your playing. Seeing a few licks demonstrated and clearly explained can really help you to "get it."

I know that's how it was for me many moons ago. Except back then, I only had a cassette tape explaining what a few of the licks were. Online guitar lessons with videos were still just an idea floating about the Universe. I can still remember learning a Van Halen lick and being in awe of the coolness of it :-) I knew I was onto something...

Who's this lesson for? It's for those of you who have mastered a few chords, including power chords. You can also read tab, and you know at least one basic pentatonic scale form. Hopefully you know a little about bending strings...if not, click here. You're hungry for more...If you don't know any of the topics I just mentioned, check the other guitar lessons and videos in this section . That'll get you started. Come back here in a few weeks when you've gone through the info in those lessons. And keep playing guitar :-)

Free Guitar Licks

Why 7? At first I thought 12. Then I realized that would end up being a very long free guitar lesson video. Because I wanted to go in depth with as many licks as possible, I demonstrate all 7 and then break down 3 in the guitar lesson video. These licks are great because they'll stretch you, but they're not so challenging that you'll give up. They're also a lot of fun to play. Best of all, I'll show you what keys they relate to so that you'll have the ability to put the licks into different keys and situations. A few free guitar licks will turn into dozens of ideas for your rock guitar solos.

Important Points

  • Pay attention to what pentatonic scale and key the lick is in. I'll show you in the guitar lesson video.
  • Practice each lick slowly. Get your free printable guitar tab version of all 7 guitar licks to help you with memorizing them.
  • Memorize the lick. Play it over and over. The next day, review it. Then learn one more lick. The next day, review the first 2 licks. Then learn one more. Try them with some jam tracks.
  • Think of it as if you were trying to learn to speak a new language. The fastest and best way to learn isn't from a book, but from trying to copy other people who speak that language. Listen carefully. Copy. Listen carefully. Copy. Rinse and repeat.

Learning these free guitar licks should really boost your guitar skills. Playing licks is an important part of developing your guitar playing. A word of caution though. Don't neglect rhythm guitar. That's what you'll be doing a lot of if you play with others. And, if you want to get serious you can eventually study some guitar music theory at some point. For now, just learn a few of these free licks :-)

Thanks for tuning up and tuning in. I'm grateful to play a part in inspiring you to keep dusting off your guitar.


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