Advanced Guitar Lessons.
The Tools You Need to Kick It Up a Notch…or Two.

The ultimate goal of these advanced guitar lessons is to provide tools to assist you in Playing Through the Chord Changes -- regardless of genre or style. Or at least to get you thinking about it!

There are guitar scales you may already know in the lessons listed at the bottom of this page. But -- how well do you REALLY know these scales -- if you indeed know them? Many guitar players are confused with guitar modes or the difference between major and minor pentatonic scales.

We all have gaps in our understanding. Especially when it comes to the application of guitar scales and fretboard knowledge. Guaranteed there will be some information in at least one of the guitar lessons listed below that could sharpen your guitar skills -- and give you a strategy to expand your musicianship.

For some, it may provide a much needed review of material covered in years past. For others it will be new information. Ultimately, it's about making better music -- and playing stronger notes through those chord changes!

Scroll down right now to the bottom of this page for the list of advanced guitar lessons covered here -- and get started! Or, sit back, relax and allow me to explain more :-)

These are the kinds of topics covered in guitar schools or College music programs such as the Berklee College of Music in the USA or Humber College Music in Toronto, Canada. The info here is nowhere near as in-depth -- it's just to help you uncover what you need to know. If you're already a guitar student somewhere, hopefully these advanced guitar lessons serve to reinforce the ideas you are being exposed to.

note: These advanced guitar lessons relate mostly to electric guitar playing and genres such as rock, jazz, blues and pop. If you play classical or fingerstyle guitar these lessons may or may not apply to what you are seeking to know.

Every guitar player should also spend some serious time transcribing and playing along to recorded music by ear. Jamming and performing are also encouraged if possible :-)

Getting Better At Guitar Is A Process -- Not An Event.

Different people at different stages of learning and digesting these advanced guitar playing concepts will use the information in different ways. For example, if this is your first time being exposed to the harmonic minor scale, you'll be at the stage of memorizing it. Of course, you'll be printing out the free printable blank guitar fretboard charts in order to assist your learning and mastering guitar, won't you?

And if you've been exposed to some of this material before, I guarantee you that if you're drawn to it, it's for a reason!

All the best, and don't forget to get outdoors from time to time ;-)


Harmonic Minor Scales
Players such as Joe Pass, Robben Ford, Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai have all made use of this extremely useful 7 note scale in their guitar playing. Start learning it now!

Melodic Minor Scales
What they are and great tips on how to use them when composing or improvising on guitar.

Guitar Modes
This lesson unveils the "secret" to understanding and playing the modes.

Major Pentatonic Scales
Can you play a pentatonic scale on your guitar and make it SOUND major? Do you know the scale degrees? Also free downloadable pentatonic scale charts.

Minor Pentatonic Scale
One of the 1st things guitar players learn. But do you have as solid a grasp on this incredibly musical and useful guitar scale as you think?

Whole Tone Scale For Guitarists
The whole tone scale is an interesting sound you've probably heard many times before. This lesson will show you how to play it!

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